LPUVA01 – Irradiance Probe
Delta OHM

LPUVA01 – Irradiance Probe

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The LPUVA01 probe measures irradiance (W/m2) defined as the ratio between the radiant flux (W) passing through a surface and the surface area (m2) in the UVA (315 nm … 400 nm) spectral range.

Thanks to a new type of photodiode, LPUVA01 is blind to visible and infrared light.

Probe calibration is carried out by using a 365 nm line of a Xe-Hg lamp, filtered through a special interferential filter. Measurement is carried out by comparison with the primary standards, assigned to Delta OHM Metrological Laboratory.
This probe can be used in all processes where ultraviolet lamp emission needs to be monitored: resins and adhesives polymerization, as well as tanning lamps.

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