Vacuum Sensors

A vacuum sensor is needed in many manufacturing plants, and industrial labs when they need to measure negative pressure sometimes called a vacuum. Vacuums are used in various applications, such as packaging, manufacturing, processing, and testing.

What is a Vacuum Sensors Used For?

A vacuum pressure transducer is required to measure and/or control vacuum pressure. Vacuum sensors are used to detect pressures lower than ambient air pressure. Pressure is equal to force per unit area. When the pressure drops, so does the power.

Numerous gauges have been devised for distinct measurement zones depending on the desired use and operating conditions. Vacuum pressure transmitters in industrial processes, food packagers, autoclave sterilisers, leak testers, suction pumps, and atmospheric simulators may be used to monitor partial vacuums.

Applications For Vacuum Sensors Include

  • Chemical processing
  • Freeze drying
  • Metallurgical processes
  • Detection Sterilisation
  • Lamp, lighting, and laser products
  • Cathode ray tubes (CRT)
  • Electron microscopes
  • High energy physics
  • Gas delivery manifolds
  • Mechanical vacuum pumps
  • Mass spectrometers

PVL Vacuum Sensors

Pressure Vacuum Level Ltd has been selling high-quality vacuum sensors for over 28 years. PVL provides these devices for various industries.

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Other Products

PVL customers can rely on us for high-quality products. Vacuum Sensors are only a handful of the products we provide customers across the United Kingdom. We are also a significant supplier of Vacuum Switches and Transducers.

  • TDH31 Series Compact OEM Pressure Transmitters & Transducers 4-20mA / 0 -10V (Other outputs available)
  • Ranges from -1 to 6 bar
  • 1% accuracy
  • 8 – 28 Vdc Supply Voltage
  • Operating Temperatures -20°C to 80°C
  • 316L Stainless Steel Element
  • 1/4″ BSP Parallel Thread Standard (Others Available)