Level Indicators

The level of a liquid within a tank may be detected and measured using a level indicator. Floats, pressure or depth sensors, ultrasonic detection, and conductivity level measurement are all common level measuring devices.

How Do Level Indicators Work?

Level indicators employ a mechanical device, such as a float or a sensor with an output signal to display the level within a tank. Level controllers are simple indicators with an integrated control output allowing functionality such as on/off switching, alarms, etc.

Points to Consider When Selecting Level Instruments

  1. What is the material to be measured?
  2. Is the sensor to be placed inside or outside of the chamber?
  3. Do you need contact or non-contact measurement?
  4. What degree of accuracy is required?
  5. What are the pressure and temperature ranges needed?
  6. Is point monitoring or continuous measurement required?
  7. What measurement range is needed?
  8. What type of output is needed?
  9. Is there any build-up of dust or foam to consider?
  10. What is the material of the tank?

PVL Level Indicators

Pressure Vacuum Level Ltd has been selling high-quality level indicators for over 28 years. PVL provides these devices for various industries.

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Other Products

PVL customers can rely on us for high-quality products. Level Indicators are only a handful of the products we provide customers across the United Kingdom. We are also a significant supplier of Pressure Switches and Transducers.

  • Shocks,Vibrations,Temperature Resistant
  • Fully mechanical no power necessary
  • Stainless,Aluminium or Plastic options
  • Fully adjustable switching options
  • 4-20 mA output options
  • ATEX options available