Pressure Indicators

A pressure indicator is used to detect low pressure in confined spaces. Pressure indicators are useful for various applications, including room monitoring, HVAC and pump performance testing, and pneumatic controls and regulators.

When most people think of pressure measurement or monitoring applications, they see high-pressure gas or liquid pipelines in industrial settings, with gauges, sensors, and controllers to ensure smooth operation. While such uses are common, many pressure applications need a more sophisticated pressure measurement and monitoring approach. Here is where pressure indicators excel.

Difference Between a Pressure Indicator and a Pressure Sensor

A pressure indicator is a broad term. After all, any pressure gauge or sensor/readout combination may display the pressure. Pressure indicators are distinguished from other pressure measurement devices by how they are built and used. Consequently, pressure indicators are a catch-all pressure measurement category compared to gauges and sensors.

Pressure Indicator Applications

Many pressure applications in industrial and commercial settings need pressure indicators' adaptive, self-contained low-pressure measurement. Pressure indicators are useful for monitoring room pressures in pressure-positive cleanrooms or demand ventilation systems.

They're also useful for monitoring flue draughts and balancing valves in the HVAC industry. Pressure indicators are a simple way to test the performance of pumps, pneumatic controllers, and regulators. Pressure indicators may also be used for leak testing, quick calibration of gauges and transducers, monitoring pressure drop across filters, and as a temporary replacement for test gauges.

PVL Pressure Indicators

Pressure Vacuum Level Ltd has been selling high-quality pressure indicators for over 28 years. PVL provides these devices for various industries.

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Other Products

PVL customers can rely on us for high-quality products. Pressure Indicators are only a handful of the products we provide customers across the United Kingdom. We are also a significant supplier of Vacuum Switches and Transducers.

  • IO-Link Differential Pressure Transmitter IO-Link & 2 PNP Contacts
  • 2-10 bar
  • Working temperature range -20°C to +80°C
  • 1/2” thread
  • Brass body
  • Medium: Oil -Air
  • Case: Brass (AISI optional)
  • Working temperature range: -20°C / +80°C
  • Measuring ranges (Differential pressure) 2 ÷10 bar
  • Mechanical working life: 105 cycles
  • Max working pressure: 350 ÷ 450 bar depending on the thread
  • Thread: 1/2” Gas (others on request)
  • Tightening torque: 50-70 Nm
  • Connector: M12 x 5 PIN
  • Protection degree: IP67
  • Weight ~ 140 g