Flow Sensor

A flow sensor is an important component of the systems we use in our modern life. They are used in our vehicle's fuel systems, infrastructures for gas and water systems, and many other manufacturing systems.

What is a Flow Sensor?

A flow sensor (a "flow metre") is an electronic device that measures or controls the flow rate of liquids and gases through pipes and tubes. Flow sensors are typically connected to gauges to provide measurements but can also be linked to computers and digital interfaces.

HVAC systems, medical devices, chemical plants, and septic systems are all common places to find them. Flow sensors can detect leaks, blockages, pipe bursts, and changes in liquid concentration caused by pollution or contamination.

Different Types of Flow Sensors

Flow sensors are classified into contact flow sensors and non-contact flow sensors.

Contact flow sensors are used in applications where it is not expected that the liquid or gas being measured will become clogged in the pipe when it comes into contact with the sensor's moving parts.

Non-contact flow sensors, on the other hand, have no moving parts and are typically used when the liquid or gas being monitored would otherwise be contaminated or physically altered by coming into contact with moving parts.

Flow Sensor Applications

A wide range of flow sensors are available to meet specific requirements and applications.

The following are the most common parameters that will influence the type of flow sensor you require:

  • Volumetric ranges of the flow sensor
  • Material
  • Pressure
  • Required accuracy

A flow sensor could be the ideal tool for understanding and controlling your application's mechanical or chemical subsystem.

PVL Flow Sensors

Pressure Vacuum Level Ltd has been selling high-quality flow sensors for over 28 years. PVL provides these devices for various industries. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our flow sensors or other products.

Other Products

PVL customers can rely on us for high-quality products. Flow Sensors are only a handful of the products we provide customers across the United Kingdom. We are also a significant supplier of Pressure Switches and Transducers.

  • Optical indication of the flow rate and temperature status
  • 1x current output 4..20 mA and 1x limit PNP output
  • Settings provided by magnetic pen
  • Stainless steel case