DLS-35 Capacitive Limit Switch

  • Universal use for limit level sensing of liquids and bulk solids
  • Direct mounting into tanks, vessels, sumps and tubes or silos and hoppers
  • Setting using a magnetic pen
  • Mode for quick sensor setting without the presence of medium
  • Optical indication by two LEDs
  • Wide selection of connections: connector or cable glands
  • Housing, electrodes and reference tubes made from stainless steel
  • High stability upon high sensitivity (possible to use for materials with εr ≥ 1.3)
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Capacitive level sensors DLS® are designed for limit sensing of the level of liquid and bulk solids in tanks, sumps, tubes or, hoppers, silos, etc. The sensors are manufactured in several modifications of sensing electrodes (rod and rope). The electrodes can be given an insulating coating, a useful feature in case of adhesive, aggressive or conductive media sensing. Rod electrodes are also available in a version with reference tube for measuring fluids in tanks made from non-conductive materil.

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