CLS-23 Capacitive Level Sensors

  • Limit Level Sensor for Various Liquids
  • Conductive / Non-Conductive Fluids
  • Suitable for High Temperatures
  • 1/2” BSP thread (Others Available)
  • Easily Adjustable Sensitivity
  • ATEX versions available
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Capacitive level sensors (switches) CLS–23 are designed for limit level detection of electrically conductive and non-conductive liquids in vessels, reservoirs, sumps, pipes, tanks, etc. The sensitivity of the sensor can be easily set by placing magnetic pen on sensitive spot.

The process coupling at the housing can be with metric thread (M18x1.5 ; M20x1.5), pipe thread (G3/8” ; G1/2”) or sealing thread (NPT 1/2–14). Output performances – transistor output with open collector (PNP), two wire electronic switch (S) and NAMUR output for intrinsically safe connection.

There are next performances available: N – Normal for non-explosive areas, E – Extended temperature range for non-explosives areas, Xi – Explosion proof (intrinsically safe for explosive areas), NT – High temperature variant for non-explosives areas and XiT – High temperature variant for explosive areas. CLS-23 capacitive level sensors meet the safety integrity level requirements according to standard EN 61508 at level SIL 1.


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