Model P28 - Metal Electromagnetic - PVL

P28 Electromagnetic level sensor

  • Max switch. capacity: 10 W
  • Max switch. current: 0,5 A
  • Max switch. voltage: 50 V
  • Specific liquid weight: > 0,7
  • Working temperature: - -10°C/+100°C
  • Weight: ~ 50 gr
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Looking for a reliable and accurate level sensor? Look no further than the P28 Electromagnetic Level Sensor! This handy device is perfect for use with mineral oils, diesel fuel, and petrol. It features a G 1/2" thread for easy installation, and outputs either N.C. or N.O. signals depending on your needs. Plus, it even has an SPDT switch for even more flexibility! So if you need a top-quality level sensor that can handle any application, the P28 Electromagnetic Level Sensor is the perfect choice.

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