Euroswitch is a leading producer of level, pressure, temperature, flow, and rotary position sensors, and it has transitioned to electronic sensors as part of its ongoing research and development.

Euroswitch continues to spend significantly in research and development in traditional sensors while prioritising the usage of latest-generation Io-Link protocols to consolidate business growth as part of Industry 4.0 technology.

EUROSWITCH was founded in 1978 in Sale Marasino (BS), a beautiful little town on Lake Iseo's beaches, specialising in the design and manufacturing of level sensors. It moved into pressure sensors and started manufacturing pressure switches and vacuum switches in 1990.

In the 1990s, the company's product range was substantially extended to include temperature sensors, thermostats and vacuum switches, speed and rotation sensors, and, ultimately, flow metres.

One of EUROSWITCH's most valuable advantages is its ability and creativity in developing a new product each time, customised to the customer's specific needs. Another element of success is its innovative approach to solving new challenges and raising manufacturing standards at the same time.