Model 38 Vacuum Switch
Model 38 Vacuum Switch
Model 38 Vacuum Switch
Model 38 Vacuum Switch

Model 38 Vacuum Switch

  • Case: Brass
  • Electric Contacts: Silver
  • Max Fluid Temperature: 80° to 120°c 
  • Max Overpressure Limit: 15 bar 15 bar
  • Max Working Pressure: 10 bar 2,5 bar

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Introducing our Model 38 Vacuum Switch – the reliable and versatile solution for your fluid control needs. This vacuum switch is made with precision and boasts a durable brass case that ensures long-lasting performance in even the most demanding environments.

You'll find silver electric contacts that guarantee exceptional conductivity and responsiveness inside. Adjusting the settings is a breeze, thanks to the included Allen Key (1.5 mm) regulation screw, allowing you to fine-tune your system effortlessly.

Whether your application requires a temperature range of 80°C to 120°C (depending on the diaphragm), this switch can handle it. It features an SPDT (exchange contact) electrical condition and impressive electrical characteristics, with options ranging from 5 (4) A / 14 Vdc in the UL Version to 3 (3A) A / 250 Vac. Safety is paramount, and that's why the Model 38 Vacuum Switch offers a maximum overpressure limit of 15 bar and a tight 10 bar maximum working pressure. The fixed hysteresis of approximately 0.15 bar ensures accurate and consistent performance.

Installation is a breeze, thanks to the included connector following UNI EN 175301-803 (DIN43650) standards. With a weight of just around 140 grams and a protection degree of IP65, this vacuum switch is compact, robust, and ready to meet your fluid control needs.

Choose the Model 38 Vacuum Switch for reliability, precision, and peace of mind in your fluid control applications.

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