Metallic Axial Expansion Joint Butt Welded

Metallic Axial Expansion Joint Butt Welded

  • Bellow: Aisi 304/321
  • Butt Weld: St37,2
  • Inner Sleeve: Aisi 304/321
  • Connection: Butt Weld X Butt Weld
  • Pressure: PN16
  • Temperature: -80/+427oc
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Introducing our exceptional Metallic Axial Expansion Joint Butt Welded, a precision-engineered solution designed to meet your industrial needs. Crafted with uncompromising quality, this expansion joint is built to deliver outstanding performance and durability.

The bellows of this expansion joint are meticulously constructed from high-grade AISI 304/321 stainless steel, ensuring corrosion resistance and longevity in even the harshest environments. The butt welds, fabricated from St37.2 steel, offer exceptional strength and reliability, guaranteeing a secure and leak-free connection.

The inner sleeve, also made from AISI 304/321 stainless steel, further enhances the joint's resistance to corrosion and high-temperature fluctuations. The connection method employed is butt weld to butt weld, providing a seamless and robust linkage.

With a pressure rating of PN16, this expansion joint can handle demanding applications with ease. Its temperature range of -80°C to +427°C (-112°F to +800°F) allows it to perform reliably in extreme conditions, making it an ideal choice for various industrial settings.

Trust in the quality and performance of our Metallic Axial Expansion Joint Butt Welded. Invest in a product that delivers outstanding reliability, durability, and peace of mind for your critical applications.

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