HLS KMF Gimbal Expansion Joint Flanged

HLS KMF Gimbal Expansion Joint Flanged

  • Bellow: Aisi 304/321
  • Intermediate Pipe: St37,2
  • Flange: St37,2
  • Gimbal: St37,2
  • Connection: Floating Flange X Fixed Flange
  • Pressure: PN16
  • Temperature: -80/+427OC
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Gimbal-type expansion joints are employed in pipelines to accommodate expansion movements arising from varying zones and seismic activity due to earthquakes, ensuring system safety.

These expansion joints are engineered to absorb movements along the x, y, and z axes as per system requirements. Comprising double-ply bellows, intermediate pipes, flanges, and gimbals, gimbal-type expansion joints effectively prevent collapse movements by utilising bellows and gimbals on both sides.

They find application in dilatation zones and underground pipelines, accommodating various flow media types. These expansion joints are constructed with bellows made from stainless steel and feature connections crafted from either stainless steel or carbon steel.

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