HLS LRTY Flexible Connector For Pump Connections

HLS LRTY Flexible Connector For Pump Connections

  • Metallic Expansion Joint - Tie Rods - Vibration Absorber
  • Bellow:  Aisi 304/321
  • Tie-rod: St37,2
  • Flange: St37,2
  • Connection: Floating Flange X Floating Flange
  • Pressure: Pn16
  • Temperature: -80/+427oc
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Vibration-absorbing metallic bellows are placed ahead of and behind vibrating equipment such as pumps, pressure tanks, and compressors. They effectively mitigate vibrations and noise, ensuring the system's safety. These bellows are meticulously crafted from specially designed stainless steel for vibration absorption. They are manufactured as double-ply units, subject to rigorous testing.

In situations where the ambient temperature is low, and the fluid being handled is water, rubber expansion joints are recommended. Conversely, when the system demands tolerance for high temperatures, diverse fluid types, and elevated pressures, the preferred solution is to utilise metallic bellows vibration absorbers, complete with integrated tie rods.

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