KP Series Probe Level Switch

KP Series Probe Level Switch

  • No external moving parts
  • Reliable solid construction
  • S.P.D.T three wire switch
  • PVC and Polypropylene construction
  • Stable repeatable switching action
  • No mercury or lead components
  • Compact size, 25 mm diameter
  • Optional cable weights available
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The KP series probe level switch is a compact three-wire float switch for highly accurate and repeatable single point level sensing. It is ideal for use in water, sea water and most acids and alkali solutions. It will provide a stable switching action with a very high degree of reliability and repeatability.

These float switches can be reliably and safely used in potable water systems as they do not contain hazardous materials such as mercury or lead.

The KP probe level switch is constructed from UPVC and Polypropylene and is supplied with three core CPE cable. The float chamber is heavy walled and vented and provides a robust stable cell for the internal float. The switch sensor head is CNC machined from solid UPVC and is fully potted.

The switch housed within the float cell is a high compliance single pole double throw dry contact reed switch that can switch up to 175V AC or DC Maximum at current up to 0.25 Amps resistive load. The KP probe switch can switch loads of 5 Watts / VA Maximum. The switch can be disassembled for cleaning if required.

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