Kelco Engineering was created in 1974 and now operates three well-equipped factories in Brookvale, Sydney, Australia. Their facility comprises a modern toolroom supplied with cutting-edge CNC equipment for die and mould production. In addition, they provide full-service manufacturing, which includes in-house injection moulding, assembly, testing, and storage.

All Kelco Engineering products are created, manufactured, and tested in-house to meet the stringent needs of our global clientele. Their capacity to innovate has contributed significantly to their success. As a result, they have a tight research and development programme in place.

We love working with Kelco and supplying our customers with their cutting-edge technology. As a result, we've created solutions that solve long-standing chemical engineering and industry problems. Our goal at PVL is to sell the best products in their class in terms of durability, reliability, and value for money.