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Product Type: Level Switch
Vendor: KELCO


The D40 level switch operates on Archimedes principle. When the non floating Polypropylene displacer suspended from the switch is immersed in liquid its weight is reduced by an amount equal to the weight of the liquid it displaces. This weight change is detected by a magnet and is used to actuate a powerful switch inside the electrical head of the D40.

The D40 is designed to be used in water with a specific gravity of 0.95 or greater. The D40 level switch is constructed from solid billet aluminium. The displacer supplied with the switch is made from Polypropylene. The displacer is suspended from the underside of the D40 with chemically resistant Polypropylene cord (supplied).

The D40 is supplied with two mounting brackets suitable for direct mounting on walls, tank lids or horizontal beams. The D40 level switch has no metal parts that come in contact with liquid regardless of the mounting method used. The actuating arm of the D40 operates the switch magnetically through the solid metal wall of the electrical housing.


  • 5 to 500V AC 15A 1.5kW (2HP)
  • Switch Gold Contact Low Wetting Current model available
  • No metal parts in contact with liquids
  • 60mm level change on to off or off to on
  • Highly reliable magnetic action
  • Fully sealed IP67 electrical housing
  • M20 cable gland built in


  • Confined locations in sumps and pits
  • Bund area warning alarms
  • Cooling tower water level control
  • Bilge water level alarm for boats
  • Suits effluent & high solids uses
  • Suitable for sea water & chemicals
  • Level monitoring in wells & bores

Technical Datasheet


Technical DatasheetD40 Level Switch Datasheet