HLS MKS Axial Expansion Joint - Fixed Flanged

HLS MKS Axial Expansion Joint - Fixed Flanged

  • Bellow: Aisi 321
  • Inner Sleeve: Aisi 321 Flange : ST37,2
  • Connection: Fixed Flange X Fixed Flange
  • Pressure: PN16
  • Temperature: -80/+427oc
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Axial expansion joints accommodate lateral expansion resulting from temperature variations within the pipeline's contents. These axial expansion joints are strategically placed in a segmented pipeline system based on expansion calculations. They are engineered to absorb lateral movements of 30mm and 60mm and can be customised to address other types of movements as necessitated by specific pipeline considerations.

The core component of axial expansion joints is the stainless steel corrugated below. In response to diverse requirements, supplementary elements such as inner sleeves, tie-rods, and covers can be incorporated. The specifications bellow, including its wall thickness, the number of layers, and the inclusion of additional components, are meticulously designed considering the pipeline's temperature, pressure, and the nature of the conveyed media.

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