Dinel TFS-35 Thermal Flow Sensor

•  Optical indication of the flow rate and temperature status 

•  1x current output 4..20 mA and 1x limit PNP output

•  Settings provided by magnetic pen

•  Stainless steel case

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Thermal flow sensor - TFS–35 is a compact measuring device intended for industrial use for flow rate sensing of liquid media and for monitoring of their temperature when installed in a pipe. The sensor may be installed in plastic or metal pipes. Suitable for monitoring filling, cooling or lubricating media and their temperatures. Flow rate is indicated by means of a bar graph (5 green LEDs). Output (flow rate and temperature) switching indicator by means of LED (orange and yellow).

Simple configuration using a magnetic pen. Sensor is made in a stainless steel design. Quick and simple installation thanks to simple construction.

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