AT 50 A - Variable Sensitivity Level Control Relay

AT 50 A - Variable Sensitivity Level Control Relay

  • Supply voltage: 220 V
  • Sensitivity: Modulable up to 100 KOhm
  • Operating temperature: - 10 à + 55°C
  • Number of probes max.: 3
  • Response time: 100 ms
  • Electrical charge on contacts: 5A-240V
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This model of regulasonde allows you to evolve in liquids of normal conductivity, liquids of high conductivity or liquids whose conductivity can vary up to 100Ω maximum.

Indeed this device allows you to adjust with its potentiometer the sensitivity of the device to meet the needs of the application concerned.

The best way to optimize these features is to place the AT 50A according to the electrical diagram shown, with the probes in the desired positions to obtain control of the slave equipment.

How to use

The control relays operate with three probes and thus allow two levels to be controlled. It is important to know that the "common" probe should always be placed lower than the low level probe.

You should also know that when working in a tank or metal tank, it is possible to use only two probes to control the high and low levels and to use the cable of the common probe by "connecting" it to the tank or metal tank. However, this case is only possible if the metal of the tank or tank is in direct contact with the liquid.

The probes are connected to the control box by an electric cable to a conductor which can be very thin, but for reasons of mechanical resistance, it is advisable to use a 1.5 mm² cable with neoprene outer sheath.


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