ATMI is a float and tilt level switch specialist for liquids and solids. They are the world's only one-level control company for solids and liquids, offering 20 different types of float level switches in 50 different combinations.

If you are looking for a float level switch to conduct all types of automated liquid level control (automation) for pumps of different powers and others, ATMI can help. Float level switches, level switches, level regulators, and level detectors are various devices that ATMI has produced for over 40 years.

ATMI offers float level switches for liquids and solids to suit your requirements for control in pumping stations of various sizes, residential or industrial cisterns, level monitoring in industrial tanks with restricted access, and even explosive-hazard applications.

Furthermore, we are happy to inform you that for more than 15 years, ATMI tilt level switches have been a tremendous success in France and internationally. Whether you're a manufacturer, an installer, a sales engineer/technician, a project manager, a distributor, or an end-user, ATMI has what you're looking for.