TUBA 125 C

TUBA 125 C

  • Allowed fluid density: 0,75 à 1,50 g/cm³
  • Electric characteristics: 230 VCA - MAX 60 VA
  • Cut-out power: 6 (4) A Maximum pressure: 2 bars
  • Maximum temperature: 125 °C
  • Protection index: IP 68
  • Housing: PVDF Type of cable: PTFE 3 x 0,22 mm²
  • Float weight without cable: 90 g
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This small tubular float level sensor is equipped with a TEFLON cable and a specially designed PTFE housing for extremely aggressive liquids, such as for example sulfuric acid and very hot liquids reaching temperatures up to 125°C. The TUBA 125 C level sensor has a ball inside a sealed polypropylene cylinder that will activate a microswitch according to its position. This principle is extremely reliable.

The small diameter of this float (Ø 40 mm) allows its introduction by small holes often placed on the vertical walls of the tanks.


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