• Allowed fluid densities: 0,95 à 1,05 g/cm
  • Cut-out power: 16 (6) A
  • Maximum pressure: 3,5 bars
  • Maximum temperature: 70 °C
  • Protection index: IP 68
  • Housing: Copolymer polypropylene
  • Type of cable: PVC 3 x 0,75 mm²
  • Float weight without cable: 400 g
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This robust level regulator is equipped with internal ballast. As the liquid level reaches the regulator, the mechanical switch inside will tilt, thus closing or opening a circuit connected to an electrical panel.

The AQUA MEDIUM is capable of penetrating the thick layers of grease found on waste water pumping stations, and it is the ideal level regulator for limited spaced applications.

This model is also available in a bigger version. See AQUA XL. The AQUA MEDIUM level regulator is not suitable for agitated liquids. Please choose our float switch models: BIP STOP, AT 120, or ATS 165.


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