pH-Redox Measuring Device GMH 5530

  • Water-proof and shock resistant instrument
  • Water-proof pH electrode and temperature probe
  • Buffer solution in dosage bottles (pH 4, pH 7, pH 10)
  • Software for operation, configuration, data read-out, etc.
  • USB adapter
  • High-class case
  • Calibration certificate
  • Gratis calibration after 1 year with automatic recall fromcalibration laboratory
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The SL-pH measures pH values, ORP, temperature and rH.

The devices feature min-/max- value memory, HOLD, auto range, logger function with cyclic recording (10 000 data sets) or single values (1 000 data sets), analog output and a large illuminated 4 1 /2 – digit display.

The device can be optimally adjusted to the specific application via a menu-based configuration. For the calibration one can select between automatic and manual calibration (1-, 2-, and 3- point calibration). Standard or DIN buffers can be chosen for automatic calibration.

The housing, connectors and probes are water-proof.


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