MultiSensor Water Analysis G 7500

MultiSensor Water Analysis G 7500

  • Multi-channel water analysis device for simultaneous measurement of pH O2 or pH and conductivity
  • Graphic & multilingual LCD display
  • Micro USB rechargeable
  • USB datalogger
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G 7500 is a comfortable multichannel measuring device for water analysis. It measures two parameters and the associated temperature simultaneously.

Kit G 7500-PH/CON/O2 contains three probes for pH/temperature, redox and dissolved oxygen.

All major electrochemical measurements are combinable with these: * pH/redox + conductivity/salinity * pH/redox + dissolved oxygen

The illuminated graphic display indicates all parameters in plain text in German or English. Large display or measurement diagrams are also displayable.

The modern device platform uses the common USB cables for charging the internal (interchangeable) batteries and for reading out the data logger without the need of any additional software or adaptor.

The logger is read out comfortably like a USB 2.0 pen drive.

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