Greisinger brings together the enormous expertise of experienced specialists under one roof as a Center of Competence for measuring devices, indicators and regulators, and temperature sensors.

Market trends are tracked and integrated into the development of new technologies. Consequently, Greisinger's long-standing business can rely on almost 35 years of experience. Greisinger's first product, the first temperature sensor for monitoring haystacks at the time, precisely met market demands and laid the groundwork for their future success.

Meanwhile, Greisinger's product offering has expanded significantly. Greisinger has made its goods available to a broader audience via the retail sector, initially intended for industrial customers' harshest environments.

Greisinger's promise that all technology and gadgets used in their manufacturing and quality control are constantly cutting-edge. As part of the GHM GROUP, Greisinger participates in continuous improvement efforts to improve its processes and operations. Consequently, they can offer outstanding "Made in Germany" product quality at affordable prices.