Carbon Monoxide (CO) Device GCO 100

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Device GCO 100

  • 3 display units selectable (ppm, mg/ m³ and% CO Hb)
  • Adjustable alarm boundaries - integrated acoustic alarm
  • Warning when exceeding the maximum Workplace concentration (MAK / AGW)
  • Automatic zero calibration
  • Max value memory, Hold function
  • Interface for RS 232 or USB adaptor
  • Low power consumption (> 1.000Stunden with standards. 9V battery)
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The Greisinger GCO 100 is a Carbon Monoxide Meter that will detect dangerous gases, and warns the user both visually and acoustically, where the CO emissions exceed the allowable occupational exposure limit or TLV (MAK).

The gas concentration is measured at the end-face opening of the sensor device. The CO meter comes supplied with a calibration certificate.

Applications: control and maintenance of heating systems, monitoring air quality, detection of CO in the breath of smokers and detection of CO-toxication of victims of fires (Fire brigades).

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