Oxygen Measuring Device GMH 3695


Bio chemistry:
Oxygen monitoring in breeding chambers for cell cultures. Monitoring of fermenting 
process of fruits in fermentation plants etc.

Monitoring of oxygen concentration in respirators; checking of breathing, monitoring of 
oxygen concentration in incubators, oxygen tents etc.

Food technology:
Monitoring of residual oxygen in packages (e.g. coffee, tea, etc.). 
Monitoring of oxygen content during production processes.

Air conditioning and ventilation technology:
Oxygen measurements, air quality monitoring, measuring of oxygen concentration in 
enclosed air conditioning systems, etc.

Checking of oxygen content in compressed air bottles (diving, etc.).
Note: not suited for „under water“-applications (rebreather, etc.)

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The Oxygen Measuring Device GMH 3695 is a professional-grade device that helps you monitor oxygen levels and ambient temperature. The dual display makes it easy to keep track of both values, and the alarm monitoring with integrated horn ensures you're always alerted if either value changes.

Additionally, the compensation of ambient pressure with integrated barometer ensures accurate readings no matter where in the world you are, and the serial interface allows you to easily transfer data to your computer or other devices. Finally, the pressure port and data logger make it easy to track and store your measurements over time.

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