Gearwheel Volumeter VHZ

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The VHZ gearwheel flow meter measures the flow by a volumetric principle, in which a pair of gearwheels is moved proportional to the flow rate. The movement of the gearwheels is measured through the enclosing housing wall by a sensor.

The devices are suitable for viscous, fluid, self-lubricating media, as well as for aqueous fluids such as soaps, pasts, emulsions etc. which have a non-abrasive character. Because of the volumetric functioning principle, the devices are almost completely independent of viscosity.

  • High precision and linearity
  • For oils and other viscous media
  • Ranges from 0.02 to 150 l/min
  • Light and compact construction in an aluminium housing
  • For cost-sensitive applications

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