G1910-02 / G1910-20 Compact CO2 monitor

G1910-02 / G1910-20 Compact CO2 monitor

  • Made in Germany
  • Wide measuring range: up to 19999 ppm / 2 % CO2 (variant -20)
  • Rechargeable battery via Micro USB port: 24 hours of operation
  • Loud 2-level alarm, acoustical or visual Backlit display
  • With metal clip and carrying strap
  • With calibration connection
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Compact CO2 monitor with alarm for many applications in air quality monitoring, green houses, energy management and for research and education. The CO2 is measured with a high-class non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor via opening at instruments head. Simultaneous display of time weighted average exposure over 8 hours (TWA) or 15 minutes (STEL).


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