FC High Range Relay Switch

FC High Range Relay Switch

  • Pressure range: 0.067 to 25.0 bar
  • Maximum working pressure: 5 to 35 bar
  • Pneumatic valve types: NO (Normally Open), NC (Normally Closed)
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Our High Range Air Relay Switches are designed for precise pressure control, featuring robust construction and various material options, including SS 316L, Hastelloy C, Monel, and more. These switches accommodate pressure ranges from 0.067 to 25 bar with a maximum working pressure of up to 362.6 psi. Key components include a PTFE O-ring, backup ring, diaphragm, and conical plunger, ensuring reliable performance. Installation is simplified with standard 1/4" BSP(F) pressure ports and optional configurations. Ideal for critical applications requiring accurate actuation and deactuation, these switches are customisable to meet specific operational needs.

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