AC Current-Transmitter CT 500

  • Switch-selectable inputs 0/4...20mA and 0/2...10V or -20 ... 20mA and -10 ... 10V M
  • Switch-selectable outputs 0/4...20mA and 0/2...10V or -20 ... 20mA and -10 ... 10V M
  • Increasing or decreasing output characteristic M
  • Supply voltage 230V AC or 24V DC M
  • Full 3-port isolation M
  • Power-on LED M
  • 22.5mm case for DIN rail mounting M
  • UL-CSA-standard on request
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Isolating signal converter TV500L can be used to isolate and convert unipolar or bipolar field signals into industry standard unipolar 0/4..20 mA and 0/2..10 V DC or bipolar signals for process control systems.

The output characteristic curve is programmable for increasing or decreasing performance.

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