984 Differential Pressure Transmitter

Switching outputTo give a switch signal at an user defined pressure level the
transmitter has an adjustable transistor switching output with
a maximum switching capacity of 30 Vdc/100 mA
DisplayIn addition to the analogue output signal the pressure value
can be read out on a red LED-display in Pascal or other
pressure units.
Measuring methodPiezoresistive pressure transducer
Mounting positionCan be mounted in any position. The zero offset calibration
eliminates any possible position error.
DatasheetsTechnical Datasheet
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The differential pressure transmitters of the 984 series are used to measure differential pressure, overpressure and vacuum. They provide up to 8 pressure ranges and 2 output signals, which are easily selectable by jumper or rotary selector switch.
■ standard equipment  optional equipment

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