VISY-Stick Flex Temp

VISY-Stick Flex Temp

  • Equipment Type: Continuous Temperature Measurement Sensor
  • Liquid: Diesel / Heating Oil, Petrol, Oil
  • Measuring range: 40 °C to + 85 °C
  • Measuring length: 3,000 mm 22,000 mm
  • Certification: Il 1G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga
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Flexible sensor with accurate temperature measurements for Tall Tanks

The VISY-Stick Flex Temp is a sensor that achieves high levels of accuracy through 31 integrated temperature sensors (max) for precise measurement of liquid temperatures in Tall Tanks.

The VISY-Stick Flex Temp works along with the VISY-Stick Flex for monitoring the liquid temperature and eliminating the possibility of errors. The data can be visualized through the VISY-Command Web console and remote monitoring is also possible using SECON-X. Please visit VISY-Stick Flex and SECON-X to learn more about these products.

The sensor is easy to install and the weight at the end of the corrugated tube stretches the sensor and is fixed to the bottom of the tank by means of a magnet. Thus, the sensor is vertically positioned in the tank.

VISY-Stick Flex Temp enables you to:

Monitor and maintain your liquid temperature at all times

Avoid unnecessary risks to your resources and employees

Remotely monitor your data 24/7 for quick decision making

Ideal for the following areas/Industry:

Petrol stations

Oil Depots

Refineries Process, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry

A Solution for the Most Complex Installation:

Ideal sensor with high accuracy (± 0.2 °C) for Tall Tanks where liquid temperature needs to be maintained or monitored at all times

Up to 31 integrated temperature sensors that fulfil legal requirements

Easy installation and set-up

Maintenance free

Flexible design for compact and easy transport

Very minimum opening required for installation – 1½”

Remote web access to real-time data with complete data ownership is made possible through SECON-X

One VISY-Command Web console for all - ATG, COMS, VAPORIX, VISY-Stick Flex and VISY-Stick Flex temp

Suitable for a variety of liquids due to stainless steel material Suitable for use in Ex Zone 0 (ATEX, IECEx approval)


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