FAFNIR GmbH was founded in Hamburg, Germany, in 1965 by the Sager family to develop and manufacture sensors and control systems for the process automation sector.

FAFNIR is named after the dragon Fafnir from the Nibelungen Saga. FAFNIR GmbH, like its namesake, is constantly on the lookout for its most precious asset: customer satisfaction and product quality. As a result, this historic company has a stellar reputation for creating innovative, high-quality products while delivering exceptional customer service.

FAFNIR's initial product was an oil burner, which it developed and produced. The development of a safety system followed this to prevent tank and process tank overfilling, which set the pattern for future FAFNIR products. Thus, what began as a localised operation in Hamburg has evolved into an internationally recognised company with a global reach.

FAFNIR is currently well-known worldwide for designing and producing high precision level measurement equipment for the petroleum, pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries.