Two Level Control Valve (BALEM 511)

Two Level Control Valve (BALEM 511)

Operating Pressure0.98 MPa (10kgf/cm²)
Testing Pressure1.72 MPa (17.5kgf/cm²)
DatasheetsTechnical Datasheet
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The Two Level Control Valve (BALEM 511) is a mechanical On/Off level control valve that allows you to adjust water levels between upper and low limits (300mm to 900mm). It was designed as a pilot valve for PISTEK Valve(BALEM 431) or BESCON Valve(BALEM 441), but can be used independently to control water levels in a small water tank/ reservoir. With wide range high and low water level control, this valve is perfect for shutting off the flow of water by ball valve with float. Made with anti-corrosion and heat resistant materials, it has a long life span.

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