Pistek Valve (BALEM 431)

Pistek Valve (BALEM 431)

Operating Pressure0.05~0.98 MPa(0.5~10kgf/ɜ)
Testing Pressure 1.72 MPa(17.5kgf/ɜ)

Water, Oil(Order-Made)

Temperature: 0°C - 80°C

DatasheetsTechnical Datasheet
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Pistek Valve (Balem 431) is a float operated hydraulic liquid level control valve suitable for tanks and reservoirs. It’s working principal is controling flow with a modulating float pilot valve, alternatively a Balem 511 can be adjusted up to 900mm on/off differential.

The body is coated by epoxy to prevent contamination of the liquid, and has excellent thermal resistance. The valve is extremely easy to maintain as no special tools or skills are required.

  • Operates hydraulically independent from any external power sources and controls high and low levels in a storage tank by utilizing the line static and dynamic pressure.
  • The incorporation of a control shaft in the valve bonnet allows the rate of flow through the valve to be set a pre-determined flow and also acts as a mechanical shut off feature.
  • Closing speed of the valve can be controlled by an integral needle valve on the valve bonnet.
  • The valve is easy to maintain and install due to it’s simple design.

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