Bescon Valve (BALEM 441)

Bescon Valve (BALEM 441)

  • Can be operated both mechanically and electrically.
  • Easy installation, handling and maintenance.
  • Piston type valve actuated by differential pressure.
  • Valve opening can be set on site considering work-ing condition.
  • Suitable for high temperature and high pressure.
  • Durable and long life span.
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Bescon Valve (Balem 441) is a float level control valve, which can be operated by electrically using a solenoid valve and/or mechanically using a pilot float valve. When the valve is used with dual functions, the valve ensures more safe and perfect performance in controlling the water level in the reservoir. Even in case of the power failure, the valve works properly ensuring you a safe running. The valve has piston type actuator operated by differential pressure with internal control piping.


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