Balem Valve (BALEM 411)

Balem Valve (BALEM 411)

  • Simple design combined ball valve with float.
  • Operates mechanically without external power source.
  • Spherical disc with hole controls liquid level perfectly.
  • Durable, trouble free and easy installation.
  • Perfect shutoff at high pressure.
  • Valve body is available in stainless steel or nickel plated brass.
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Looking to keep your reservoir topped off perfectly? Look no further than the Balem Valve (Balem 411)! This uniquely designed valve utilizes a float buoyancy and dead weight (gravity) to control the liquid level, meaning it requires no external power source. What's more, the spherical disc with hole ensures perfect liquid level control even under high pressure conditions. Installation and maintenance is simple and easy – perfect for anyone looking for a reliable, durable product.

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