Industrial Ball Valves - 8 Questions To Make The Right Choice

Industrial Ball Valves - 8 Questions To Make The Right Choice

by Pressure Vacuum Level Limited on March 21, 2023 Categories: Blog

Ball valves are adaptable flow control devices used in various industrial applications. They come in several sizes and designs, making them suitable for sanitary, petrochemical, and cryogenic applications.

These valves regulate fluid flow through a hollow pivoting ball that is either a full or reduced port. The internal diameters of the adjacent pipelines are equivalent to the size of full port valves. A reduced port (standard port) valve diameter is one pipe size less than the internal diameter of the adjacent pipe. For example, a 1" reduced port valve will employ a ball with a ¾" port diameter.

Questions To Make The Right Choice

Industrial engineers must ask a few questions before choosing ball valves.

    1.  What type of media will flow through the ball valve?
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    2.  Which actuation methods will you use?
    3.  What are the temperature and pressure ratings of the pipeline?
    4.  What are the estimated annual cycles? 
    5.  How do you intend to use the ball valve?
    6.  Which materials are used to manufacture the valve?
    7.  What certifications should the valve have?
    8.  What are the maintenance requirements for ball valves?


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      Choosing ball valves for various industrial applications is a difficult task. It necessitates thoroughly examining the pipeline's technical specifications, carefully selecting manufacturing materials, and studying the many valve industry norms and standards. Engineers and pipeline designers can make informed selections by answering the questions above.

      Got Another Question

      While the questions above help you select the correct ball valve, if you have any other questions, contact PVL today to discuss your custom application.