4 Things To Consider When Choosing a Valve for Brewing

4 Things To Consider When Choosing a Valve for Brewing

by Pressure Vacuum Level Limited on March 30, 2023 Categories: Blog

Depending on the design of the brewery equipment, different valves are used to safely move the flow of liquids and gases throughout the brewing cycle.

Typically, you will find a mix of butterfly, ball, globe, gate, check, needle, diaphragm, and solenoid valves throughout a brewery's equipment. Each valve has its advantages and disadvantages for different mediums.

4 Things To Consider When Choosing a Valve for Brewing

1. Design

Besides ensuring you are using the correct type of valve, numerous design considerations for that valve need to be considered because they are used in a brewery for often hot contaminated lines.

2. Material

The valve housing is generally stainless steel as it won't deteriorate at high temperatures, can withstand harsh cleaning agents, is durable, and won't leave a metallic taste in the end product. A brass housing is also suitable for water lines or a cooling circuit. The valve seal is typically EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) as it can withstand temperatures up to 130°C, but PTFE (teflon) is recommended for higher temperatures.

3. Connections

The three main valve connections are threaded, flange, and tri-clamp. A threaded connection will be the most common but is typically not preferred from a hygienic design perspective on a line with perishable fluids as the threads can become dirty and the valve is not easily removed from the line. A bolted flange connection is cleaner as there are no threads, but disassembly is time-consuming. A tri-clamp connection is often used for a line that needs frequent cleaning. This allows for a good seal between the connections and quick disassembly to clean the valve.

4. Cleaning

To ensure your end product is as desired, all components coming into contact with the product must be cleaned frequently to prevent a buildup of contaminants.

Threads, turns in the valves, gaskets, valve stems, and floating balls can all house contaminants that would affect the end product. Ensuring your valves are easily disassembled, can be fully taken apart, and cleaned correctly will ensure the end product is as advertised.

Our 3-piece ball valve allows for proper disassembly and cleaning.


Understanding different valves used in brewery applications and selecting the correct ones for each flow type will keep your beer clean, consistent, and of the intended flavour for the masses.

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