Pressure Switches: IP65 & IP67 Ingress Protection

Pressure Switches: IP65 & IP67 Ingress Protection

by Pressure Vacuum Level Limited on March 16, 2023 Categories: Blog

Ingress protection is a key standard for industrial measuring equipment.

What is Ingress Protection (IP)?

The level of protection an electrical enclosure provides against solids and liquids is referred to as its ingress protection rating or IP rating.

Since dust or water could damage electronic components, a sealed enclosure prevents such infiltration and keeps the electronics secure.

They are frequently utilised in applications exposed to the environment, such as dust or dampness. Examples include marine, offshore oil and gas platforms, security, lighting, recreation, food processing, and other industries.

General IP65 and IP67 Ingress Protection Considerations

Here is the technical explanation for the "mystery" of the two ingress protection types:

The first characteristic, numeral, specifies protection "against the entry of solid foreign objects."

The second characteristic numeral specifies protection "against water ingress," according to IEC 60529. The ingress protection types provide "dust-proof" equipment (IP6x), "water jet" protection (IPx5), and "temporary immersion" protection (IPx5) (IPx7).

Not every instrument protected against immersion is protected against water jets and not every water-jet-protected instrument is likewise protected against immersion. A little yet significant distinction in some situations.

PVL Pressure Switches Provide IP65 and IP67 Ingress Protection

PSD 30

For both forms of ingress protection, our electronic pressure switches have been designed and tested. External tests performed by independent test centres, such as those required for UL certification, have validated this.

This means that our PVL PSD-30 electronic pressure switch has IP65 ingress protection, which means they are dust-proof and resistant to water jets.

Furthermore, they meet the IP67 ingress protection standard, which means they are resistant to short-term immersion in water.

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