WEICON Flex 310 M Hybrid

WEICON Flex 310 M Hybrid

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Universally applicable, permanently elastic, fast-curing and strong 1-component SMP-based adhesive and sealant. Neutral cross-linking, absolutely weather-resistant, odourless and very low emission: free of silicone, isocyanate and solvents.

WEICON Flex 310 M Hybrid adheres very well even to powder-coated, galvanised, anodised, chromated, as well as hot-dip galvanised surfaces. Range of adhesion: metal, plastics, natural stone, concrete, masonry, plaster, wooden floors, glass and much more.

The adhesive and sealant can be used in industrial areas, such as in tank and apparatus construction, car body, container and vehicle construction, pipeline and fittings construction, the energy and electrical industries, insulation technology and plastics technology.

In addition, WEICON Flex 310 M Hybrid has high mould resistance and is compatible with natural stone. This means that the sealant can be used in many areas, such as in the sanitary sector or the construction industry.

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