Anti-Seize Ceramic Paste

Anti-Seize Ceramic Paste

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WEICON Anti-Seize Ceramic Paste is a metal- and silicone-free synthetic high-performance assembly paste for universal use. The ceramic paste is resistant to high temperatures, has an excellent release effect and is neutral to materials. The paste contains no free metals and is compatible with stainless steel and other nickel alloys.

WEICON Anti-Seize Ceramic Paste is especially suitable when metal-containing pastes can cause electrolytic reactions, when nickel-containing products should or may not be used for health reasons and when dark metal-containing products should or may not be used for visual reasons. It provides excellent release, protection and lubrication even at high temperatures and high pressure. The paste offers exceptional protection against corrosion, wear and extreme weather conditions.

The assembly paste can be used on bolts, screws, stud bolts, pipe connections, nuts, mechanical seals, etc. Typical areas of application are chemical plants, oil refineries, power stations, paper mills, steelworks and foundries, as well as the shipping industry.

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