Weicon Anti-Static

Weicon Anti-Static

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WEICON Anti-Static is a liquid, antistatic 2-component epoxy resin system with a high content of fine ceramic fillers. It is used to protect surfaces against wear and corrosion. Combining high-strength particles with a viscoplastic polymer matrix offers a high level of wear protection. It has good chemical resistance and high abrasion resistance. The coating, even under vibration and elongation on various surfaces, adheres well and does not drip. The wear protection system is free of tar, solvents, and cures almost without shrinkage.

Anti-Static is suitable for coating a wide variety of parts, such as rollers, pumps, chutes, conveyors, lifting screws, separators, hoppers, propellers, fans, and heat exchangers. WEICON Anti-Static is suitable with one of the other WEICON Plastic Metal types for a system build-up as an antistatic surface finish.

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