Variable Area Flow Meters

Variable Area Flow Meters

  • FC Series: Compact – 5” Single Scale
  • FS Series: Full Size – 7” Dual Scale
  • Tube: Clear PVC, Polyamide (PA), Polysulfone (PSU), or PVDF
  • Float: PVDF
  • Ends: PVC, CPVC, PP, PVDF, Socket, Threaded, Flanged, Butt or ChemFlare™
  • O-rings: EPDM, FPM (Viton®)
  • Capacities: FC: Up to 220 USGPM (50,000 litres per hour)
  • FS: Up to 220 USGPM (50,000 litres per hour)
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Chemline FC Series Variable Area Flow Meters are ideal for plastic piping. They provide a combination of accurate visual flow rate measurement and clear flow indication from a distance. Optional limit switches allow the units to signal a low or high flow alarm. An optional flow transmitter provides a 4 to 20 mA signal output. These flow meters must be installed vertically with flow upward.

✓ Clear Visual Indication Large orange float is visible from a distance

✓ Easy Installation and Maintenance Just unscrew union nuts and tube slides out of line

✓ Ideal for All Types of Plastic Piping All types of end connections in PVC, CPVC, PP, and PVDF

✓ Low Pressure Drop

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