ChemLance – Corporation Stop

ChemLance – Corporation Stop

  • Series: ChemLance
  • Connections: 1/2″ FNPT to Injection Valves 1/2″ MNPT to Water Main Pipe
  • Seals: FKM (Viton®)
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The ChemLance corporation stop with breakthrough cleaning technology is an effective solution to combat against clogs caused by precipitate build-up in chemical injection.

Precipitate build-up at the injection point is one of the most common problems facing chemical injection systems. This build-up obstructs the injection process, requiring the pumps to work harder, leading to excess pressure increase and eventual failure of the injection system. Clogging results in having to shut the system down to clean the injection point which is time consuming and hazardous.

The ChemLance uses a specialized cleaning system that is specificalally designed to breakthrough and clean away precipitate build-up without any interruption to the system. Simply turn the cleaning device and the build-up is eliminated in seconds.

✓ Hot-Tap May be removed and reinstalled while the pipe is under pressure

✓ Low Downtime Eliminates downtime requirements associated with standard corporation stops

✓ Constructed with PVC material and Viton® gasket seals for superiour chemical resistance

✓ Main pipe injection (for sizes up to 12” diametre) for increased chemical dispersion

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