Type 16 Diaphragm Valves
Type 16 Diaphragm Valves
Type 16 Diaphragm Valves
Type 16 Diaphragm Valves

Type 16 Diaphragm Valves

  • SERIES: Type 16
  • SIZES: 1/2” to 10”
  • ENDS: Flanged
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Chemline Type 16 Diaphragm valves have tough chemical plant applications. They stand up to internal and external corrosive, as well as abrasive services. This is an excellent throttling valve, and is suited for slurries or viscous liquids. Because of the self-draining design with no dead volume, it is good for sanitary and high purity applications.

These diaphragm valves offer the highest temperature/pressure ratings compared to other plastic valve types.

1 Other diaphragm materials available special order ✓ Excellent Chemical Resistance Large choice of materials including PVDF bodies and PTFE diaphragms for extremely aggressive services

✓ Externally Corrosion Resistant All major parts are plastic Position indicator is covered and sealed Bonnet O-Ring protects internal metal parts from corrosive atmospheres

✓ Light Weight Will not strain plastic piping Easily installed – 6” valve weighs only 57 lbs.

✓ Outperform Metal Valves on Corrosive and Abrasive Services No lining which may peel, crack or abrade away

✓ Easily Replace Corroded Metal Valves Standard flange face-to-face dimensions

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