TPP Liquid Temperature Sensor
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TPP Liquid Temperature Sensor

  • PFA, PTFE  Body    
  • Standard Range  0 – 100C, 32-212F    
  • Output, 4-20mA, 2 Wire Loop Powered    
  • NPT Connection    
  • High Accuracy± 0.5%
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Introducing the TPP Liquid Temperature Sensor, a reliable solution for precise temperature monitoring in various industrial applications. Made with a durable PFA | PTFE body, this sensor ensures longevity and resistance to harsh chemicals, acids, and bases.

With a standard temperature range of 0 – 100°C | 32-212°F, it offers versatile functionality suitable for various environments. The sensor provides a 4-20mA output through a 2-wire loop powered system, guaranteeing efficient and accurate data transmission. Featuring an NPT connection, installation is seamless, facilitating integration into industrial process piping and tank systems.

Boasting high accuracy with a deviation of just ± 0.5%, this sensor is ideal for precise temperature detection in high- and low-temperature scenarios. Whether monitoring chemical reactions, maintaining optimal tank temperatures, or ensuring industrial processes run smoothly, the TPP Liquid Temperature Sensor is your trusted partner in temperature management.

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