ProAlert® 2 Series
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ProAlert® 2 Series

  • High Intensity Red Alarm Light
  • Pulse to Relay Output
  • Super Loud 108dB Audible Alarm
  • Silence Function
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Introducing the ProAlert® 2 Visual | Audible Sentry Alarm, a state-of-the-art solution with advanced features for rapid response to leaks or spills, ensuring maximum protection. Made with cutting-edge technology, this alarm is your ultimate defence against potential hazards.

This exceptional device's core is its High-Intensity Red Alarm Light, a standout visual indicator for detected leaks. The brilliance of the light guarantees immediate attention, even in bustling environments. Complementing this visual alert is the Pulse to Relay Output feature, seamlessly integrating with your existing systems for swift response and containment measures.

The Leak Alarm sets a new standard for auditory alerts with its Super Loud 108dB Audible Alarm, leaving no room for oversight. In situations requiring minimised noise disruption, the Silence Function offers a solution.

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