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TIM Insertion Paddle Wheel Flow Meter

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The TIM Series digital paddle wheel flow meter has been designed for tough industrial applications. The TIM series paddle wheel flow meter has been engineered to provide long-term accurate flow measurement for both corrosive and non-corrosive liquids. The plastic insetion flow meter is equipped with a 360° rotatable vivid LED display showing both Flow Rate & Flow Total and provides a 4-20mA output. The re-engineered low-drag, fluid-dynamic design of the paddle wheel allows it to stand alone as the industry’s most accurate flow meter.

Icon’s paddle wheel flow sensors incorporate a Tefzel® paddle coupled with a zirconium ceramic rotor pin and bushings. The TIM liquid flow meter, is industry’s longest lasting paddle wheel flow meter and comes with a lifetime warranty on the paddle wheel assembly.

The TIM insertion paddle wheel flow meter is available in PVC, PP and PVDF. The flow sensors can be installed into pipe sizes ½ – 24” using our line of comprehensive custom fittings. Icon’s complete line of insertion paddle wheel flow meters will also retrofit into any Signet® style fitting.

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